Bill Browning

Terrapin Bright Green LLC

Bill Browning, BED Colorado University, MSRED MIT, Hon. AIA, LEED AP., is one of the green building and real estate industry’s foremost thinkers and strategists, and an advocate for sustainable design solutions at all levels of business, government, and civil society. Early in his career, Bill built Buckminster Fuller’s last experimental structure. In 2006, he cofounded Terrapin Bright Green LLC an environmental strategies research and consulting firm. Browning’s clients include Disney, New Songdo City, Lucasfilm, Google, Bank of America, the White House, and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village. Browning is a founding board member of USGBC.

In addition to consulting, Bill writes and lectures widely on sustainable design and building practices. He is a co-author of Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate; A Primer on Sustainable Building; Greening the Building and the Bottom Line; Biophilic Design; The Economics of Biophilia; Midcentury (un)Modern; and 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design.

Title: An Evidence Based Approach to the Other Green Design
Time: 1pm, 19 Oct.

Session overview:

Biophilia, a love of life or living systems, is our inherent human connection to the natural world. Biophilic design, different from Green Design, is an innovative way to harness biophilia in order to create natural environments for us to live, work and learn.

The keynote will cover:

---• The evidence-based approach of bringing natural aspects into the built environment.

---• The psychological, physiological and financial benefits of connecting with nature.

---• How Biophilic Design differs from Green Design but supports healthier people & ecology.

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