July 28, 2017

Brazilian design is on the move!


The World Design Summit Organization is pleased to announce a pavilion showcasing Brazilian design at our Expo Oct 17-20. With the support of the Government of Brazil, the General Consulate of Brazil in Montréal has selected designers to be part of this pavilion, including Cesar Pieri, Creative Design Manager at Jaguar Advanced Design.

By Nostracasa

Brazilian design is having a moment. A long tradition of carpentry and commitment to the environment are coalescing with global trends. As sustainability and natural materials become more central in world design, Brazil is emerging as a humble leader, with expert woodworkers at the center of its design scene.

By Outra Oficina

The pavilion will represent the quality and innovation of Brazilian design through leading companies that produce design objects through sustainable practices. Mouton no Ar, Luciano Santelli, Nostracasa, Outra Oficina, Ratoroi, and Bossa Nova will present their creative furniture and decorative pieces and LAP Mosaicos will showcase their tiles and surfaces.

The Expo is also an opportunity to strengthen ties between Brazil and Canada. BC Trading House is dedicated to nurturing business between the countries and BR2CA specializes in the import and export of unprocessed materials. Both firms are based in Quebec.

Rose by LAP Mosaicos

Cesar Pieri represents the dynamism of Brazilian design. In addition to his day job with Jaguar, Pieri has made waves in the art world with his “hobby” of painting on Jaguar hoods. His playful paintings are prized by world art collectors and provide a new way of looking at automobile design.

By Cesar Pieri

Get hands-on with the innovations of tomorrow. The Expo will be open for professionals from Oct 17-20 and we invite the general public on the evening of Oct 19. See firsthand how Brazil is leading world design.