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22. Meet Keynote Maureen Thurston (7 Août 2017)

22. Maureen Thurston: le design avant tout (7 Août 2017)

21. Brazil is coming to the WDS Expo. Maravilhosa! (3 Août 2017)

21. Le Brésil s’installe à l’Exposition du SMD. Maravilhosa ! (3 Août 2017)

  20. Meet the man behind Montreal’s Pink Balls (1 Août 2017)

20. Découvrez l’homme derrière les ”boules roses” de Montréal (1 Août 2017)

19. Discover how design can help make the world a better place (27 Juillet 2017)

19. Découvrez comment le design peut changer le monde (27 Juillet 2017)

18. Bigger issues than where to hang your diploma. (25 Juillet 2017)

18. Le futur se dessine du 16 au 25 octobre à Montréal ! (25 Juillet 2017)

17. Our last call for proposals ends next Monday, August 6th. (18 Juillet 2017)

17. Le dernier appel de propositions se termine Dimanche le 6 août. (18 Juillet 2017)

16. Start planning: the WDS Schedule is here (13 Juillet 2017)

16. C’est le temps de planifier : l’horaire du SMD prend forme (13 Juillet 2017)

15. Disaster by Design: why good design is imperative (10 Juillet 2017)

15. Design et désastres (10 Juillet 2017)

14. Canada’s 150: Design for the future, Design for the past (30 Juin 2017)

14. 150e du Canada : la prise en compte du passé pour concevoir l’avenir (30 Juin 2017)

13. The Paris Pre-Summit Meeting was a success! (22 Juin 2017)

13. La rencontre du pré-sommet à Paris fut un succès ! (22 Juin 2017)

12. The most ambitious event of the year is in Montréal! (8 Juin 2017)

12. L’évènement le plus ambitieux de l’année sera à Montréal en Octobre ! (8 Juin 2017)

11. Our second call for proposals ends next Sunday, June 4th. (1 Juin 2017)

11. Le second appel de propositions se termine Dimanche le 4 Juin. (1 Juin 2017)

10. Early bird sale Ends today! (10 Mai 2017)

10. Tarif de pré-vente:Vendredi, c’est fini! (10 Mai 2017)

9. Une nouvelle conférencière: Haruko tsutsui et La Bonne Innovation (2 Mai 2017)

9. Keynote Alert Haruko Tsutsui making GOOD INNOVATION come to life (2 Mai 2017)

8. Découvrez les directeurs artistiques (19 Avril 2017)

8. Meet our Expo 2017 art directors (19 Avril 2017)

7. LE Sommet mondial du deisng une équipe expérimentée et dynamique! (4 Avril 2017)

7. The World Design Summit An experienced and dynamic team (4 Avril 2017)

6. International Organizations preparing the summit (28 Mars 2017)

6. Les Organisations internationales préparent le sommet (28 Mars 2017)

5. 108 topics are unveiled (7 Mars 2017)

4. The summit Preparations at the top (7 Mars 2017)

3. World Design summit a must attend event (20 Février 2017)

2. The WDS Welcomes international architectural star Alejandro Aravena (24 Janvier 2017)

1. 10 Days to change the world (11 Janvier 2017)

Canada’s 150: Design for the future, Design for the past

Canada’s 150: Design for the future, Design for the past Approaches to Canada’s Built Heritage Canada’s 150th anniversary arrives at a transformative time for the country. As modern planning and architecture fill our cities’ cores with indistinguishable glass towers, Canadian designers must reckon with our past.   Continue reading…

Design for Participation: New tools in public engagement

Even as the design professions become increasingly specialized, there is a growing sense that anyone can be a designer of sorts. Public participation and consultation seek to involve community members in the design process, while new technology gives non-professionals access to sophisticated design tools. Debates on participatory design and planning increasingly concern decision-making authority and how to share power in light of these new tools. What changes are we seeing in the roles played by professionally trained designers in shaping everyday landscapes? Continue reading…

Speaker Spotlight: Belinda Tato, co-founder and co-director of firm Ecosistema Urbano

Society has changed and therefore the profession should react to that Belinda Tato, co-founder and co-director of firm ecosistema urbano, is an architect and author creating projects in the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering and sociology. She founded the firm alongside business partner Jose Luis Vallejo in 2000, based in Madrid, Spain. Continue reading…

Design for Earth: Questioning Greenwashing

Green has gone mainstream. But as green walls, rooftop farms, and tree covered skyscrapers become the norm in cities around the world, critics ask if these developments are simply the latest face of greenwashing. Continue reading…

Speaker Spotlight: The Pritzker Prize winner and social housing hero Alejandro Aravena

A school or public housing project operates in a more complex space where everything becomes negotiable, which I think is more creative, more difficult, more challenging for an architect and more rewarding Continue reading…


The international exhibition to promote French Design “NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE” will be part of the Expo next October! Continue reading…