Call for Proposals

Policy makers are listening.

What are the innovative design ideas and actions that could bring about better futures? How can design in all its facets respond to issues as a transformational agent that supports cultural, political, economic, environmental and everyday societal needs?
By submitting your proposal you will take part in an unprecedented international event and have the opportunity for cross-disciplinary engagement and networking.


Proposals are accepted in their broadest form: a paper, a presentation about an idea, a concept, a project or current research.

The Call is open to scholars, practitioners and concerned parties from all spectrums of the design disciplines, including: architecture, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning and interstitial or hybrid practices.

The Proposals must provoke paradigm shifts and propose how we might rethink challenging world issues through design processes and their applications.

They must provide innovative insights on how to attain change, therefore contributing to the objectives of the Summit: that is, to demonstrate the tremendous transformative power of design to create viable solutions for the global social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges we face worldwide.

 Each submission must include a 40-word Concept Statement that clearly states the position of the proposal and its innovative and transformative content and a 500-word Abstract.

Important Dates

1st & 2nd Call for Proposals

Notification of Acceptance: July 2017

Registration Deadline to be included in the preliminary program: July 30, 2017

Last Call for Proposals

Online Submission Deadline: August 6, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: August 2017

Registration Deadline for accepted presenters: September 8, 2017

Congress Session Dates: October 17 – October 19, 2017

Speaker Benefits

  • Present your project through the work sessions of the Congress
  • Connect with peers through your Speaker Cohort
  • Full Access to the Congress, Opening Ceremony and Expo
  • Attend a fully accredited conference
  • A unique opportunity for cross-disciplinary engagement and networking
  • Reduced Registration Fee: $CAD650 regular or $CAD325 student

Review Process

Proposals will be blind, peer-reviewed by the World Design Summit Professional and Scientific Committee.


  • Register and create your profile.
  • Upload your materials and the 40 word statement.
  • Done! The Committee will review.


Review the Official Call for Proposals PDF to learn about the submission requirements, before submitting a proposal.


Selected Speakers

With over 500+ innovative ideas submitted, we are proud to feature some of the selected speakers for October.

Ioana Giurgiu

Inside/outside nature: The industrial and architectural function of natural ecosystems

The thesis tests the hypothesis of a natural ecosystem replacing an industrial production facility. The project questions the established notion of factory and the role of nature in industry while rethinking the parameters of environmental design.

Narjess Bayar Madhour

L’architecture fictionnelle, une écologie de la « noosphère »

L’architecture fictionnelle, se basant non seulement sur ses dimensions euclidiennes, mais aussi sur la gestion des expériences polysensorielles et comportementales, pourrait donner une nouvelle conscience à la noosphère, cette phase successive à la biosphère du développement de la terre.

Ron Rayside

Social architecture and urban planning: The architect as social developer of heritage sites

Exploring the architect’s role in realizing the social potential of underused heritage sites, different approaches will be proposed for establishing community needs. Concrete examples will be presented in order to understand heritage architecture’s potential as a keystone for community revitalization.