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Calling all Graphic and Communication Designers! Be there and speak up when the WDS Congress brings together 6 major design disciplines with the mission of charting a new way forward for a future driven by design.

Programming features keynote addresses from Graphic Design’s leaders and luminaries, such as Haruko Tsutsui and Ruedi Bauer, while delegates are invited to speak up and take an active role in the Congress by submitting a proposal in answer to the 108 provocative topics. Panels, workshops and sessions will focus on the transformative power of design and explore a new vision of the designer as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance.

With the participation of the International Council of Design, Graphic Designers of Canada and the Société des Designers graphiques du Québec, the Congress promises to be the world’s premier gathering of visionaries and trailblazers in design.

Graphic Design Topics

108 open and provocative questions drive the Congress program and have been designed to stimulate answers from all design-related disciplines.
    Here are some of the topics that relate specifically to Graphic Design:
  1. 20 Open-source design
    The notion of copyright and intellectual property is being redefined. Pooling knowledge changes the way we do things. Consequently, the questions of design models, logic of knowledge exchanges and decision-making mechanisms arise.
  2. 21 Graphic design in the public sphere
    In the current context of global crisis, interest in public utility design is making a comeback, typically looking at signage and identification issues in health, school, transport networks, and in public spaces. Design is trying to redefine itself as a benevolent practice, relating to the ideals of the avant-gardes of the interwar period and the civil movements of the 1970s. In this respect, what kind of leverage actions does design possess?
  3. 66 Media and representation
    The way projects are visually portrayed, in all design disciplines, is key to how they are communicated – more so than the words used to describe them. Digital images and their distribution through new media influence the way they are perceived. In what way are they perceived and evaluated? Does digital tend to generate a more conventional, uniform communication of projects or does it open up the way for new approaches?
  4. 81 Branded design
    Branding contributes to the design of spaces in many ways. Whether it is the design of retail spaces, corporate spaces or through cultural branding, brands are promoted through various mechanisms. What are the multiple spatial, sensory and virtual aspects of branding?
  5. 94 Marketing and social exclusion
    The social ability to possess is a sense of power that goes against much environmental discourse. The decision to purchase is driven by a strong element of communication and marketing. How can the designer participate in inclusion and limit situations of social exclusion in a world influenced by the comparison of products, services, perception of images and other sources of power?
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Call for Proposals

Deadline August 6 th 2017

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