Urban Planning for urban solutions.

This fall, we are putting Urban Planning to work.

Be in Montréal when design leaders work together to solve global challenges through design from October 16th to the 25th 2017 at the Palais des Congrès.

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Urban Planners, take part of your congress!

This is not just another design Congress. This is an opportunity to take an active part in kickstarting a global initiative. This is an international incubator for re-thinking the mission of the designer and the design process. This is about more than just the latest trends – it is about your role as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance. This is about our future. And how to transform it together by design.

Planning the future, one block at a time.

Visit the future before anyone else.

With over 25 000 public visitors and designed by a team of leading architects and designers, the WDS Expo floor plan delivers maximum exposure and networking opportunities for exhibitors and participants. Special features have been strategically located to ensure attendees fully explore the show floor. The World Design Summit is a top-tier exposition, conference and design festival.

Be part of an event that elevates design to a new level.

A 10-year, design-driven international action plan.

FAt an unprecedented summit, 50 international organizations will convene to develop a joint declaration – a position statement that will identify the unique role, capacity, and value of design and design-related disciplines. Together, the participants will develop and put forth a declaration and 10-year implementation framework for continued international collaboration towards the shared objective: Designing a better world for all.

Help draft the blueprint for economic, social and political change.

Learn from today’s master planners!

Urban Planning solves urban problems. See how you can expand your practice to improve people’s lives.

The WDS Congress Keynotes are an impressive group of practitioners, thinkers, leaders and rebels. Hailing from the 6 major disciplines and beyond, these experts and innovators exemplify our vision of the designer as creative leader. Hear their perspectives and stories about how they changed the game – and bring their lessons to your practice!

"People care deeply about the place they live in, and that's an incredible foundation for doing great things."

- David Driskell

Stake your place in world planning!

Share your innovative ideas and accomplishments with our lineup of global planning speakers.

The WDS Scientific and Professional Committee has selected 500 of today’s most innovative design professionals to present their work and ideas on stage at the World Design Summit Congress. Share, connect, and collaborate on these ideas to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Top 5 reasons to attend WDS 2017

This is not just another design Congress.

This is about more than just the latest trends – it is about your role as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance. Designers, architects, planners and landscape architects are gathering under one roof to share perspectives, foster collaboration and cross-pollinate innovative ideas. This is about our future- and how to transform it together by design.

Witness History.

Years in the making, the Summit of international organization and agencies will release a joint Declaration, setting the stage for the next decade in world design. The Declaration will be a blueprint for design professionals to strengthen economy, culture, environment, and society.

Be present for change.

Participate in hands-on workshops.

Every WDS Congress participant is invited to attend workshops with top visionaries to achieve revolutionary design breakthroughs. Expand your design skill-set with our interactive workshops at no added cost. Leave with improved skills and knowledge.

Show, don’t tell…

Form valuable connections.

Make genuine connections with fellow change-makers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with designers from all 6 disciplines. Listen, share and help each other achieve greatness.

Meet minds like yours!

A world of opportunities on the show floor.

JJoin thousands of visitors to discover, touch and witness design through a multitude of innovations. From smart connected cities to connected homes to high-tech innovations, affecting both small town and urban landscapes, the Expo will showcase what the leading innovative design solutions have to offer.

Be the first to discover the next big thing.

Experience Montréal!

Find out what makes us a UNESCO City of Design. Montreal is a world-class destination that won’t break the bank. This year the city is celebrating its 375th birthday and there are special events all year. October is the perfect time to visit- mild weather, after the festival season, and before the winter. Keep in mind Canada’s favourable exchange rate and book your trip now!

Join the festivities in Montreal.

Redesign the world, be there.

Get full access to the Congress, Expo and attend the Opening Ceremony.

Live a premiere, unique experience with peers from all over the world.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1 What are the event dates?
    The full event program runs from 16-25 October 2017.Congress 16-20 October 2017 Expo 17-20 October 2017 – for professionals 19 October 2017 – for the general public Summit of International Organizations *this is an invitation-only event* 23-25 October 2017 Design Pantheon 10-25 October
  2. 2 Where is the World Design Summit being held?
    The World Design Summit is being held in Montréal, Canada. Official events are taking place at the Palais des Congrès, the city’s signature convention and exhibition centre, located at: 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle Montréal, QC
  3. 3 How do I get to the Palais des Congrès?
    There are a number of options available for accessing the venue. The Palais is directly connected to the Place-d’Armes metro station. For all the details, visit Palais Maps and Directions.
  4. 4 What is there to do in Montréal?
    In 2017, the City is celebrating its 375th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Expo ’67. It is also the 150th anniversary of Canada, making it a special time to visit, with many celebrations planned throughout the year. Visit our Welcome to Montréal page to explore more.
  5. 5 What support is there for the events?
    The World Design Summit is honoured to be supported by the three levels of Canadian government: federal, provincial and municipal. The World Design Summit Organization is proudly partnered with Tourism Montréal and the Palais des Congrès, as well as industry leaders via our Sponsorship program.
  1. 6 Do I need a Visa to come to Canada?
    To find out whether you need a visa, please visit the Canada Immigration and Citizenship website.Visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa.
  2. 7 How do I get a Visa letter?
    If you are applying for a Visa to Canada in order to attend the World Design Summit and need an official invitation for your application package, email us your information at info@worlddesignsummit.com
  3. 8 What hotels are near the venue?
    We have negotiated exclusive prices for accommodation in hotels near to the event venue, the Palais des Congrès. For a full listing of these hotels, visit our Accommodation and Travel page.
  4. 9 How do I get to the venue from the airport?
    There are a number of options available for transportation from the airport into downtown Montréal, including public transit. For all the details, visit our Accommodation and Travel page.
  5. 10 What is the difference between the Summit and the Congress?
    Driven by the vision of how design can transform the future, the Congress and the Summit are different, but thematically related, events. The multi-disciplinary, multi-modal Congress is open to individuals from all design or design-related disciplines: all together under one roof to share perspectives, foster collaboration and cross-pollinate innovative ideas about how design can transform the future. The Summit is a historic gathering of 50 international organizations all with a common objective: developing an international action plan for harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges. International organizations representing design, architecture, urban planing and landscape architecture, are coming together for the first time with representatives of intergovernmental and supranational organizations and specialized agencies, such as UNESCO, OECD, UNEP and ICLEI. The Summit is invite-only, but there are a limited number of VIP Platinum Passes available for purchase, which will give access to this historic event. Our ambition with the Congress and the Summit Meeting is to break discipline silos by fostering true collaboration, both at the local grassroots and international governance levels.
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