Oct 16-20

5000 industry professionals.
1000 expert speakers.
108 provocative topics.
30 luminary keynotes.
6 leading disciplines.
1 roof.

Speakers & Presentations

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Meet the speakers

Abhinav Sinha

United States

I develop and create interactive experiences for emerging technologies like AR and VR.

Aidan Rowe


Designing for Change. Designing the Future.

Alejandra De la Cruz


Conseillère architecture et design urbain / Vivre en Ville

Alejandro Mieses Castellanos

United States

I develop software to understand how knowledge spreads geographically and through time.

Alexander Clarke


I work in protecting and integrating our heritage into modern, livable communities

Alexander Cassini


Landscape & Urban designer

Alissa North


I design nature

Aliza Sovani


Montreal-based urban design & landscape architecture dynamo. Proud member of the Strathmore team.

Allison Smith


Allison is an urban planner, exploring the connections between human, urban and ecological systems.



Excellent Design Shouldn\'t be a privilege for a few, everyone deserves good design.

Amir Berbic

United States

Designer and educator with research interests in place identity, 3D typography, and design pedagogy.

Ana Mestre

United Kingdom

Anastasia Nikologianni

United Kingdom

Dealing with low carbon and sustainable landscape design, providing quality and landscape identity

Andrea Cook


andrew king


Andrew King is one of Canada's design leaders, a Fellow of the RAIC, a design leader in large and small practice and an Adjunct Professor at McGill University. He has been committed to design excellence, education and advocacy of our profession for three decades. He has evolved a practice model that merges speculative small practice, large firm design leadership and academic research. After graduation from Dalhousie (1990) and formative mentorships with Brian MacKay-Lyons in Halifax and Zaha Hadid in London, King practiced at leading studios in Berlin for almost a decade.

Angelika Weissheim


Dipl.-Ing. (Architecture) Angelika Weissheim – born in the former USSR and raised in Germany – is a trained architect. Her formation continuously alternated between academic and professional training in an international context. Angelika is experienced in working on a variety of stages in the fields of architectural design, implementation planning, building construction and urban planning by being involved in private and public building projects. Alongside her employment, Angelika participated in interdisciplinary architecture competitions. She is an energetic, people-oriented and dedicated individual engaging with the industry and research of our built environment. Her passion about experiencing people and places through travelling and led her to live, work and study in Germany, U.S.A., France, Australia and Argentina. Angelika is continuously interested to broaden her knowledge and experience within her field of interest of architecture, urbanism, physical & digital and new technologies.

Anita Bakshi

United States

Anja Maerz

United Kingdom

Ann Petermans


I study and teach design for wellbeing and experience in architecture and interior architecture

Anne Berry

United States

Anne Louise Bang


I graduated from Kolding School of Arts and Crafts in 1994 as a textile designer specialising in weaving. My career has been a journey with twists and turns, with lots of loops between several interesting touch points such as art, design, research and teaching. The common denominator for all the pathways has always been materials, texture and tangible aspects in combination with aesthetics, curiosity and context. In 2007 I entered academia with an Industrial PhD Scholarship. Today, in 2017, I am the Head of Research & Development at Design School Kolding taking a deep interest in sustainability and research through design. All along the way I have pursued an artistic career, in recent years on a very limited basis due to my academic work. For me as an academic rooted in practice it is crucial to combine doing with theorizing.

Anne-Marie Collins


What I like most about my job is to spread beauty around the city of Montréal.

Anthony Wain

South Africa

Antonio Iadarola

United States

I research on environments and processes for collaborative design

Ashleigh Crofts


Urban Architectural Explorer + Designer

Aura Rosalía Aburto


Design, 4th area of knowledge

Avi Friedman


Affordable and Sustainable Homes

Azad Chichmanian


Partner Architect