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Calling all Interior Designers! Be there and speak up when the WDS Congress brings together 6 major design disciplines with the mission of charting a new way forward for a future driven by design.

Programming features keynote addresses from Interior Design’s leaders and luminaries, such as Lucida Kaunas Havinand, while delegates are invited to speak up and take an active role in the Congress by submitting a proposal in answer to the 108 provocative topics. Panels, workshops and sessions will focus on the transformative power of design and explore a new vision of the designer as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance.

With the participation of the International Council of Design, the Interior Designers of Canada and the Association professionnelle des Designers d’intérieur du Québec, the Congress promises to be the world’s premier gathering of visionaries and trailblazers in design.

Interior Design Topics

108 open and provocative questions drive the Congress program and have been designed to stimulate answers from all design-related disciplines.
    Here are some of the topics that relate specifically to Interior Design:
  1. 25 Repurposing interior spaces
    With people spending 90% of their lives indoors, interior spaces are finding new and changing purposes, which demand adaptive reuse, changing functions of buildings, and lasting solutions for living and working. Challenges include establishing innovative and transformative practices and new ways of repurposing, and preserving and recycling various types of spaces.
  2. 45 Future perspectives of interior design as a profession and as a discipline
    What is the outlook for interior design education and knowledge construction, research and the profession in the short, mid-and long-term, and how are these manifested in current projects and actions and in emerging educational approaches? Perspectives include how the interior design profession develops its specificity while moving forward with new ways of working from inter- and trans-disciplinary perspectives. How do we envision perspectives in education, the profession and the built environment?
  3. 63 Interior design for health and well-being
    Creating spaces for health and well-being must take into account a range of considerations in response to health needs or to promote well-being. Questions may include healthcare design, best practices for various human conditions, designing for various health-related needs, ages and stages of life, and developing healthy spaces for people.
  4. 78 Healthcare and design
    Healthcare systems face epidemic situations, without demographic or cultural precedent. Can design oriented on patients, rather than structures and procedures, propose innovative solutions in a universal coverage approach, regardless of the financial concerns of profitability?
  5. 80 Economic viability of interior design
    Economic viability is vital to the success of design spaces, yet is often misunderstood. How is economic viability perpetuated using new and innovative practices?
  6. Explore all topics

Call for Proposals

Deadline August 6 th 2017

Restore world order.

Show us how interior designers can influence the state of the world.

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