Design Pantheon

Oct 10-25

An exhibition celebrating 150 of the most influential Canadian designers.

Looking to the past to embrace the future.

An Exhibition on 150 emblematic Canadian and international designs.
While we’re often seeking to embrace what’s next, looking to the past is a great way to think about the impact of design, and ultimately, how designers have shaped our future. On the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, an exclusive exhibition celebrating the “150 Influential Canadian Designers” will take place during the World Design Summit. The exhibition will present design personalities and objects that have shaped Canada as we know it. It will be a unique opportunity to discover or re-visit the impact that design has had on Canadian history and identity. Presented at the Palais des Congrès in October, this free exhibition is open to the public. To prolong the magic, a permanent virtual exhibition will be made available online.

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