List of exhibitors

Oct 17-20

Designers are put at the forefront of this exhibition, showcasing their impact on productivity, quality, sustainability, marketability and cost reduction.

Meet the companies that prototype the future.

We bring you the best
Targeted, integrated and effective, our attendee development strategy has been carefully formulated to attract the best and brightesth design practitioners from across Canada and around the globe. Representing over 80 countries, the World Design Summit will welcome over 4,500-7,000 practitioners and senior decision-makers from our partner design associations, as well as Canadian and international business leaders and policy makers. This, combined with over 30 000 public visitors, will power the exhibition by providing exhibitors with real-time leads and opportunities in local, national and international marketplaces. Designed by a team of leading architects and designers, the WDS floor plan delivers maximum exposure and networking opportunities for exhibitors. Special features have been strategically located to ensure attendees fully explore the show floor. The World Design Summit is a top-tier exposition, conference and design festival. Be part of an event that elevates design to a new level.

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Are you an exemplary, sustainable and accessible company design-wise? Do you recognize yourself in our values? Do our themes and topics inspire you? Let’s be in touch!